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Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Electrical panels and meter are the causes of electrical fires. The older service panels have a greater potential of causing electrical fires. A certified electrical inspector can determine if the service panel needs replacement. Also, the inspector will check the following.

The model of the service panel and for faulty circuit breakers and proper wire gauge to each breaker. In addition, all circuit breakers are checked for double taps circuits. Double taps are potentially dangerous and can fires.  Reverse wiring and open grounds can be a safety hazard. The inspector will test all outlets. We pride ourselves on providing the best service. Our thorough inspection during the home inspection process is designed to uncover flaws throughout the home. At Precise Home Inspections your safety is our top priority. That’s why we provide a systematic and complete electrical inspection during the home inspection process according to the Florida Electrical Codes. Along with inspection, we also present our findings in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion with digital photos identifying areas of concern.

We serve Villano Beach, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Palm  Coast, Ormond Beach, St Augustine, Flagler Beach, and Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.

Electrical Inspection

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