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Roof Maintenance Tips

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  • November 7, 2017

Roof Maintenance tips

Roof symbolizes and is a physical form of, values like safety, security and protection. without a roof, your home is valueless. As a matter of fact, the concept of home without a decent roof is unimaginable. Therefore, it is important.

But are we doing enough to take care of something which holds so much of significance, for us, our family and everything that we own? It is our responsibility to make sure that the roof hanging above our heads is well maintained, which includes cleanliness and structural integrity.

It is very important that you involve yourself in regular maintenance of your roofs. Following are few tips to help you through the process.


Debris and Clutter

It is obvious for debris and clutter to get collected on the roof. Leaves are most common if you have trees nearby. Other things that make up the clutter could be objects dropped by birds, or blown by the wind. These materials get accumulated over time and block the passage preventing smooth water flow. They can become pretty troublesome, especially if they happen to get collected in gutters and downspout, causing blockage and accumulation of water.

Now, we all know that accumulated water is a bad thing to have. Further, debris and clutter also ruin the look of your roof. It is, therefore, in your best interest to check your roof regularly, and get rid of this stuff. If you have structures like chimneys or skylight, make sure to check it, and the corners. Accumulation of waste is such areas is pretty common.


Fungal Growth

Your roof rumbles with all the forces of nature, especially elements like sun, water, wind and dust, in terms of protecting you, your family and all your belongings. As it stays exposed all the time, it is natural for it to have molds and other fungal organisms growing on it. It is, however, your duty to clean it regularly, and make sure that it doesn’t have to go through all that for a long time.

Fungal growth causes the surface of the roof to deteriorate over time, but it’s a pretty long-term effect. However, it does ruin the looks of your house. So, it doesn’t matter if you have shiny, newly painted walls, and great interiors, a mold affected roof can ruin it all. So go out there and give your roof the treatment it deserves.


Cracks, Loose Shingle and Metal Strips

Cracks could develop on the surface of the roof if not properly taken care of for a long time. If their size is small, you could use special sealants yourself to seal them off. If the cause of the crack is a missing shingle or a crack in the shingle itself, then it needs to be replaced immediately. In case you have metal structures like a chimney, skylight or vent pipe, strips of metal could erode or get loose over time, or due to harsh weather. Check out for such instances. If found, get the section repaired or replaced.

Your goal should be to make sure that there are no cracks or holes on your roof. Or else, tiny creatures could evade your home, and not mention, the water during rain. Believe me, a single tiny crack on the roof may not seem like a big issue, but in fact, it is just the beginning. Over time, it will invite other problems like mold growth, structural damage, and when you realize things, it might already be too late.


Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspout are important sections of your roof. They are responsible for the proper and systematic flow of water from your roof. However, with time, there are chances of them getting blocked due to a collection of unwanted debris and clutter. The accumulated waste can prevent water from flowing down properly. Therefore, it should be a priority for you to get those gutters and downspout cleaned on time.

Accumulated water on your roof can cause a lot of inconveniences for you, ranging from damage to your roof to mold growth, and germination of various organisms and insects. Ignoring an issue like this could only magnify your problems, and take it out of your hands. Further, over time, gutters tend to get loose and drift away from the roof. It is, then, important that you screw them back tight.


Eaves and Overhangs

Eaves and overhangs have a very special purpose. They throw the water from the roof away from walls, preventing water from coming in direct contact with the walls. Eaves are also constructed or installed so that there is a clear pathway around the house, unaffected by rain. Over time, after struggling with and throwing away so much of water, stains start to appear on its surface, which make it look, let’s say, not very appealing.

Eaves and overhangs have an important role in a sense that they also add to the beauty of a house. Water stains deteriorate the looks of not just the roof eaves but the entire structure. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean them from time to time. If you fail to do so, the stains will only get stronger, making it difficult for you to wipe them off completely in one shot.

Taking care of roof related issues will keep your roofs well-maintained, and save you from all the troubles in the future. Manage some time to keep your roof intact, so that it can serve you for years to come.

These were few of the tips and important things to consider before you set off on the quest of roof maintenance. So, were they of any help to you? Please share your experiences and personal tips in the section below.

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