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Buying a home

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  • May 27, 2017

Buying a home

Before buying a home call for a free consult. There are several areas of a home that need to be concern about before searching or choosing a Realtor. When selecting the right home is often very challenging. Speaking with a home inspector can give the customer valuable information, that can save time and money. There are search methods used to isolate home from defects, that may come with hidden defects that can occur costs.

When I bought my first home, my uncle Tom Carty was a chief building official in Peachtree City, Georgia. Having a family member with the knowledge of home, and building systems, it helped me make the biggest decision of my life. We all know buying a home is very stressful, and can lead to disappointments as well. The advice my Uncle Tom Carty gave me about purchasing a home gave me knowledge about the home working as a system. Explaining components that fail can affect the other. His wise teaching helped me with the buy of my home. Also, he provided me with great interest in becoming a home inspector. Sharing with home buyers these fundamental techniques can be helpful buying a home. Often, I’ve inspected homes of buyers that should be careful research by the buyer before the home inspection is done.


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